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These are just some of the people who share their memories and photos in KINGS & QUEENS: Queers at the Prom.

This groundbreaking visual and oral history goes to the queer heart of an American rite of passage and captures what it's like to grow up gay, bi, trans or utterly confused. Packed with more than seventy years of stories and pictures, KINGS & QUEENS simultaneously explores the evolution of both queer and pop culture--and shows off tons of fabulous hairstyles and fashions along the way!

KINGS & QUEENS started as an article in MIGHT magazine in 1997. In 2000, David Boyer began interviewing men and women of different ages and backgrounds throughout the country. The result is being published by Brooklyn's Soft Skull Press and can be purchased on and

David will be touring with the book during the summer of 2004. Check out a list of upcoming events and if you're interested in scheduling an event, just email.