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FRESHMEN      After 1990

Chapter 1: The Valedictorian Class of 2003, NYC
Arthur Larson graduated first in his class at the Harvey Milk High School. He talks about prom and why he transferred to the school.

Chapter 2: The Fag Hag Class of 2003, Sycamore, MI
Lynne James, a straight and artsy girl, went to prom with a Cher-loving gay guy. She talks about life as a "fag hag" in rural America and why she prefers the term "fairy princess."

Chapter 3: The Prom King Class of 2001, Ferndale, WA
Krystal Bennett, a lesbian elected Prom King by her classmates, discusses her coronation and how she dealt with the controversy and national attention that followed.

Chapter 4: The Jesus Freaked Class of 1997, Minneapolis, MN
Carla Nathan attended a gay-friendly public school and went to her prom with a woman. The glitch: a mom with an eye for exorcisms.

Chapter 5: The Girl Jock Class of 1993, San Mateo, CA
Summer was the golden child: a star athlete/scholar, class president, Prom Queen nominee. Then she got in touch with her inner-dyke.


SOPHOMORES      The 1980s

Chapter 6: The Hapless Romantic Class of 1988, Philadelphia, PA
As an alienated teen, Steffan Schlarb wanted to make an impression at his prom like Molly Ringwald did in Pretty in Pink. His evening could not have differed more from the prom of his dreams.

Chapter 7: The Drama Queen Class of 1983, Columbia, SC
For Reid Davis, community theater was an intro to the gay life and a refuge from hometown ignorance. What he learned behind the curtain also helped him stage the perfect prom.

Chapter 8: The Next Best Thing Class of 1981, Philadelphia, PA
Why was Michael Callahan asked to six proms? Because he was a respectable young man, who could and would dance with his dates.

Chapter 9: Most Unlikely to Succeed Class of 80, Cumberland, RI
Dan Stewart was a classmate of Aaron Fricke, the boy who sued to bring another boy to their prom. Dan, who would become the first openly gay mayor in New York State, was Aaron's harshest critic.

Chapter 10: Miss Popularity Class of 1980, Englewood, NJ
Ana Otis was a childhood entertainer and the most popular girl in her class. What was it like to be a big (lesbian) fish in a small (heterosexual) pond? And how did that influence prom night?

Chapter 11: The Prom Queen Class of 1980, Albuquerque, NM
Prom Queen Lois Kasten went to prom with Patrick Mulhall. They both turned out to be gay, and they chat about their very different high school experiences and why they're still friends.


MINI MAG: In the middle of the book, you'll find a colorful look at prom, gays and teen life through a pop-culture lens.


JUNIORS      The 1960s and 1970s

Chapter 12: The Porn Star Class of 1979, Decatur, AL
Now a vision of gay sexuality, Tony Scalia was scrawny and in the closet back at the prom.

Chapter 13: The New Girl Class of 1976, Philadelphia, PA
James Boylan, who became Jenny, talks about growing up in the wrong body, prom, changing genders, why she missed her reunion.

Chapter 14: High School Sweethearts Class of 1973, Canton, OH
David Pace and Bob Moon met in high school and are still together. They double dated on prom night.

Chapter 15: The Rebel Rouser Class of 1969, Long Island, NY
Avram Finkelstein didn't go to prom, but no one "cool" did in 1969. Instead, he was protesting Vietnam-a foreshadowing of his involvement in ACT UP and design of the Silence = Death poster.

Chapter 16: The Accidental Activist Class of 1966, NYC
Determined to be straight--even after he took part in the Stonewall Riots--Danny Garvin escorted a young lady to her prom, and then had to fend off her advances.

Chapter 17: The Gay Mom Class of 1961, Phoenix, AZ
Margaret Manson went to several proms, but always felt an attraction to women. Still, she got married, had three kids and watched one of her sons go to his prom, struggle with his sexuality and eventually come out. Then she did, too.


SENIORS      Before 1960

Chapter 18: The Black Sheep Class of 1958, Canton, OH
Marc Scruggs was the only black kid in his high school. When it came time for prom, he knew he needed to import a young lady of his own race and, of course, conceal his sexuality.

Chapter 19: The Virgin Mother Class of 1958, Long Island, NY
The story of Theresa Iorio dramatizes the challenges facing young women in the 1950s. Getting impregnated by and marrying her prom date changed the course of her lesbian life.

Chapter 20: The Late Bloomer Class of 1948, Minneapolis, MN
Dick Hewetson lived two lives. First, he almost married his prom date and did become a priest. Two decades later, he came out, became a gay rights activist and went to a gay prom with his lover.

Chapter 21: The Veteran Gay Class of 1943, Fenton, MI
Bob Turco quickly went from prom tux to war fatigues. He talks about coming of age during WW II and coming out soon thereafter.

Chapter 22: The Immortal Soul Class of 1935, Bronx, NY
Almost seventy years after graduating high school, Marinska Dolnar talks about the Great Depression, her first prom, her two husbands and her fifty-five-year-long love affair with a women named Dot.